Allen John Lloyd v Staffan Svenby

The owners of two Lister Jaguars registered their cars with the same registration number, WTM 446, and claimed the same chassis number BHL 126. When the Registration system became computerised the DVLA registered the details on their database, but did not realise two cars were involved. When this came to light the DVLA suspended both registration numbers, and chassis numbers. Mr Lloyd, who felt he had the superior claim, issued Judicial Proceedings against the DVLA.

After nearly 2 weeks of evidence the Judge decided the court did not have jurisdiction to try the claim because it involved rights to display registration numbers, which was the preserve of the DVLA, and refrained from deciding the ownership of property. 

Points of significance: -
1. The law has not evolved to deal with problems relating to the allocation of Registration Numbers, which it regards as a purely administrative function.
2. The DVLA conceded it had no rights to withdraw a chassis number – they were restored.

3. The law can’t solve everything!

Wilmots Litigation: Solicitors for the Claimant