Michael Grenfell

Senior Partner

Michael is the leading classic and historic car litigation lawyer in the UK. He lives in London and Oxfordshire.

He originally worked for a multi-national before qualifying in law particularly with a view to specialising in automobile and aviation related matters.

Michael is technically literate having owned and restored numerous cars over the years.

He is a specialist in auction law. He is a qualified pilot with both fixed wing and helicopter licences and he recently flew around the Cape of Good Hope in an R44 helicopter.

Michael is particularly keen on giving firm positive advice in plain English unencumbered by legalese. Although he has a strong preference for settling matters amicably, and always tries to make friends with the opposition, he is known as an aggressive litigation lawyer when his client’s interests warrant that approach. He makes himself available out of office hours to clients.

Michael is often consulted by other lawyers and has given expert evidence in other cases.

Contact: Michelle Vandekleut

Email: michelle.vandekleut@wilmotslitigation.com